Brew News April 2017


Club Business:


Guests attending:  Scott; Steve
Start time: 7:33 PM
End time: 8:43 PM
Number of members present: 32


Getting Better With Age! – This year, we are celebrating RedStick Brewmasters’ 30th Anniversary.  To commemorate the occasion, we are celebrating the entire year in style with BIG beers for our monthly styles as well as with anniversary t-shirts, glasses and other goodies. So stay tuned!


HOMEBREW INCENTIVES  –  Stay tuned for details on our next competitions!



RedStick Brewmasters Are Officially Back-2-Back State Champions!

Congratulations to RedStick Brewmasters and to all of those who participated this year!  Let’s go for a 3-Peat!!!


Bayou State Circuit 2017

ARK-LA-TEX Brew-Off – Hosted by River Cities Brew Krewe

Competition Date: April 22, 2017
Entry Deadline: April 07, 2017
Accepted Styles: Mixed BCJP 2015 Style Guidelines

  • German Beer
    • 5A. German Leichtbier
    • 5B. Kolsch
    • 5C. German Helles Exportbier
    • 5D. German Pils
    • 10A. Weissbier
  • 13 – Brown British Beer
    • 13A. Dark Mild
    • 13B. British Brown Ale
    • 13C. English Porter
  • 18 – Pale American Ale
    • 18A. Blone Ale
    • 18B. American Pale Ale
  • 20 – American Porter and Stout
    • 20A. American Porter
    • 20B. American Stout
    • 20C. Imperial Stout
  • 25 – Strong Belgian Ale
    • 25A. Belgian Blonde
    • 25B. Saison
    • 25C. Belgian Golden Strong

Upcoming AHA/BJCP Homebrew Competitions  –  Here is a link to the AHA sanctioned competitions or you can see Bruce Baker for more information.


MONTHLY BEER STYLE  –  Strong European

Homebrews presented: 4

Charlie M.
Keith P. x 2
Colin S.
Commercial brews presented:  2

Optimator  –  Spaten
Divine Reserve  –  St. Arnold

Bonus brews presented:  0


2017 Club Styles

January – Ciders
February – Smoked Beers
March – Irish Beers
April – Strong European Beers
May – Strong Belgian Beers
June – Gose
July – Malt Liquor
August – DIPA
September – Strong British Beers
October – Alt Beers
November – Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beers
December – Winter Warmers


Previous Events:

RSB Brewers Round Table  –  Saturday, March 4th; LA Homebrew at 5 PM; TOPIC – Water

Zapp’s International Beer Fest  –  Saturday, April 1st; LSU Rural Life Museum


Upcoming Events:

Southern Craft’s 1st Anniversary – Saturday, April 22nd; Southern Craft Brewery

RedStick Brewmasters Crawfish Boil and Brew-Off – Sunday, April 23rd; LA Homebrew  –  Styles are Dark Extract and New England IPA  –  Every brewoff beer gets an entry to a drawing for a LA Homebrew gift certificate

Big Brew for National Homebrew Day – Saturday, May 6th