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Brew News June 2016


Club Business:


Guests attending: Tom, Chris, Brad
Start time: 7:38 PM
End time: 8:45 PM
Number of members present: 38

HOMEBREW INCENTIVES  -  As a hombrew club, our mission is to learn about beer and how to make it.  And if we’re lucky, we’ll learn from each other and make really good beer.  But how do we encourage members, both old and new, to actually brew beer?  

RSB and LA Homebrew have teamed up to sponsor a friendly competition. Two of them actually.  To level the playing field and make the odds more even, each brewer providing beer will receive ONE entry in the respective drawing.  Details are below. The prize for winning either drawing (or both!) is a $100 gift certificate to the awesome, super cool homebrew shop, LA Homebrew.  Drawings will be held in December after the last competition in the circuit.

Bayou State Circuit – Any brewer entering a beer into any of the competitions in the Bayou State Circuit this year will receive ONE entry into the drawing.  Proof of entry must be provided, either a paid receipt or scoresheet.  To make the odds more even, even if you enter every competition, which we encourage, you only receive ONE entry into the drawing.  This keeps the brewers who brew regularly from stacking the deck in their favor and gives the new brew just as much of a chance to win.

Festivals – Any brewer providing beer for a sanctioned festival will receive ONE entry into the drawing.  Again, ONE ticket is all that will be given no matter the number of beers you provide.  As of now, the only festivals on the list are Zapp’s International Beer Festival and Brew at the Zoo.  Depending on interest, more festivals may be added to the list.



Bruce Baker is the Competition Coordinator for club members wishing to enter state, national or international homebrew competitions.  If you are interested in entering a particular competition, coordinate with Bruce and we can see if other members are interested and combine entries to save on shipping costs.  We can also send more entries to competitions to kick some butt and bring home the bling!

Bayou State Circuit 2016

Current Standings – Total Points

  • RedStick Brewmasters  -  31
  • Brasseurs a la Maision  -  5
  • Dead Yeast Society  -  4
  • Bicycle Brew Club  -  3
  • Swamp Rats  -  1
  • Cypress Suds  -  1


GOOD TIME BREWERS CLASSIC Hosted by Good Time Brewers

Competition Date: June 25, 2016
Entry Deadline  -  CLOSED
Accepted Styles: BCJP 2015 Style Guidelines

  • 10 – German Wheat Beer
    • 10A. Weissbier
    • 10B. Dunkles Weissbier
    • 10C. Weizenbock
  • 18 – Pale American Ale
    • 18A. Blonde Ale
    • 18B. American Pale Ale
  • 20 – American Porter and Stout
    • 20A. American Porter
    • 20B. American Stout
    • 20C. Imperial Stout
  • 21A – American IPA
  • 25 – Strong Belgian Ale
    • 25A. Belgian Blond Ale
    • 25B. Saison
    • 25C. Belgian Golden Strong Ale


CLASH OF THE CARBOYS Hosted by RedStick Brewmasters

Competition Date: August 6, 2016
Entry Deadline  -  July 23, 2016
Accepted Styles: BCJP 2015 Style Guidelines

    • 1 – Standard American Beer
      • 1A. American Light Lager
      • 1B. American Lager
      • 1C. Cream Ale
      • 1D. American Wheat Beer
    • 6 – Amber Malty European Lager
      • 6A. Marzen
      • 6B. Rauchbier
      • 6C. Dunkles Bock
    • 11 – British Beer
      • 11A. Ordinary Bitter
      • 11B. Best Bitter
      • 11C. Strong Bitter
    • 16 – Dark British Beer
      • 16A. Sweet Stout
      • 16B. Oatmeal Stout
      • 16C. Tropical Stout
      • 16D. Foreign Extra Stout
    • 19 – Amber and Brown American Beer
      • 19A. American Amber Ale
      • 19B. California Common
      • 19C. American Brown Ale
    • 21 – IPA
      • 21A. American IPA
      • 21B. Specialty IPA
        • Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA
        • Specialty IPA: Black IPA
        • Specialty IPA: Brown IPA
        • Specialty IPA: Red IPA
        • Specialty IPA: Rye IPA
        • Specialty IPA: White IPA
    • 24 – Belgian Ale
      • 24A. Witbier
      • 24B. Belgian Pale Ale
      • 24C. Biere de Garde
    • XX – DD Beer
      • ABV >= 10% ABV
      • Base Style Must Be Specified
      • Circuit points will be awarded to winners
      • Not eligible for Best of Show


Upcoming AHA/BJCP Homebrew Competitions  -  Here is a link to the AHA sanctioned competitions or you can see Bruce Baker for more information.

Additional Kudos:

  • Charlie M.  -  1st Place MCAB Qualifying Round  (Biere De Garde)
  • Brayn F. – 1st Place MCAB Qualifying Round  (Scotch Ale)
  • Jason L. – 1st Place NHC Qualifying Round (IPA)
  • Kevin C. – 1st Place Hogtown Brew Off (Helles Bock)


MONTHLY BEER STYLE  –  American Wild Ale

Homebrews presented: 6

Bryan F.
Keith P.
Fred G.
Dean V.
Matt D.
Dean V.

Commercial brews presented:  2

The Bruery – Saison Rue
Jolly Pumpkin – Calabaza Blanca

Bonus brews presented:  0


Future Club Meeting Styles:
July – Belgian Wit
August – IPA
September – Trappist Beers

Previous Events:

American Homebrew Association BIG BREW for National Homebrew Day  – Saturday, May 7th at LA Homebrew.  FIVE batches with a total of 40 gallons were brewed.  Thanks to LA Homebrew for hosting.

Upcoming Events:


Toast Under The Oaks  –  Saturday, June 18th at Nottoway Plantation in White Castle; homebrew competition plus beer festival


RSB Brewers Round Table  –  Saturday, June 25th at LA Homebrew; Technical talk about brewing better beer; Subject – Hops


Gulf Brew  –  Saturday, July 23rd in Lafayette; any club interest in brewing and serving?


Hop Brew Project  –  Coming in November.  Interested brewers sign up for a hop variety.  A base recipe will be used with the only difference being the hops. We will get together to taste and compare the differences between the hops.  And maybe even a friendly competition to see who can correctly identify the different varieties!



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